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Data Scientist

Company Name: Toyota
Location: Dallas, Texas
Date Posted: 21st May, 2017
  • Design, develop, and refine TFS (macroeconomic) forecasting models that are fully integrated with Residual Risk and lease portfolio analysis.

  • Use econometric modeling and appropriate statistical techniques to identify factors that correlate with severity and frequency metrics.  These factors include used vehicle values and the probability of lease vehicles returning at lease end.

  • Combine mathematical relationships into a semi-automated model that forecasts metrics listed above...

Machine Learning Data Scientist

Company Name: Wolverine Trading
Location: Chicago, IL
Date Posted: 20th May, 2017


•    Monitor development of new and existing data sets

•    Collaborate with other traders and team

•    Improve existing models with new learning algorithms, alternative feature transformations, feature selection tech...

Data Scientist

Company Name: Criteo
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Date Posted: 16th May, 2017


  • Build and improve Prediction Models
  • Gather and analyze data
  • Identify key prediction problems and propose innovating solutions
  • Report, visualize and communicate results
  • Contribute to the exploration and creation of new scientific understanding (monitoring, new metrics)
  • ...